Hospital Partners With Medical Air Rescue Company

Sheridan Memorial Hospital  in Wyoming, USA has announced a partnership with Medical Air Rescue Company (MARC) to bring air ambulance transportation to the Sheridan area.

Information provided in a news release from Sheridan Memorial states that Medical Air Rescue Company, or MARC, now has a King Air C90 fixed-wing airplane at the Sheridan County Airport. The aircraft and its medical crew will be available 24/7 to transport critically ill patients to other facilities when they need a higher level of care. Patients from critical care areas within the hospital will be transported to the airport via ground ambulance and then will be flown to the nearest facility able to provide care for the patient’s medical condition.

MARC is an independent company, out of Rapid City, South Dakota with satellite bases located throughout the region, with Sheridan being their newest base. The fixed-wing aircraft is the first phase for emergency medical flights in and out of Sheridan. Later this year, MARC will base their first Airbus H130 helicopter at the hospital.

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