STS Romania Launches “Apel 112” New Emergency App

The Romanian Special Telecommunications Service launched the “Apel 112” emergency application for mobile phones that allows the transmission of the GPS coordinates when initiating a 112 call to the Single National Emergency Call System (SNECS).

By using the location information, the intervention of SNECS’ emergency response teams (Ambulance Service, Police, Paramedics and Fire brigade, Gendarmes, Mountain Rescue) is faster and more efficient, thus increasing the caller’s rescue chances.

The application allows the transmission of the 112 callers location when the emergency call is generated from a national mobile network.

The use of the application involves the activation and availability of the data services (Internet access) and the location service (GPS) on the mobile device. In order to use the application, without data services, the caller`s position can be communicated to the 112 operator during the emergency call, due to the fact that the application allows displaying GPS coordinates. “Apel 112” application is free of charge and can be downloaded on a mobile device from the applications stores Google Play and App Store, starting on the 15.02.2019 The application is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. The minimum versions supported by the operating systems of mobile phones are iOS 5 and Android 4.4.

The proper operation of the application in an emergency situation depends on the registration of the phone number/numbers in the application, in case of dual SIM mobile device with active data connection. The registration of the caller or his phone number in the 112 information system is not necessary for using the application. The precision of the location depends on the GPS signal quality, and its accuracy can range from a few dozen meters up to several hundred meters. By pressing “Apel 112” button or “Send Position”, the application extracts and sends the location information and the phone mobile coordinates, in an AML (Advanced Mobile Location) format, to the 112 information system. These data will be processed and made available for the 112 operators and specialized emergency services only within an 112 emergency call generated from the phone number from which the location information was transmitted. 

At European level there are other countries where the institutions and authorities responsible for emergency call handling have made available to the population similar applications to this one developed by the Special Telecommunications Service, such as: Finland, Austria, Slovenia, Lithuania

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