Star Navigation Systems & AMS Heli Design Team Up To Offer HEMS Support

Star Navigation Systems and AMS Heli Design have entered an agreement to offer HEMS operators the ability to securely transmit patient critical health data to receiving hospital physicians through SATCOM or GSM

As a result of this agreement, the parties are now offering the STAR-ISAMM™ System as part of the Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (“HEMS”) configuration. STAR-ISAMM™ interfaces with existing bio-medical equipment aboard a medical evacuation and transport helicopter or airplane. It securely transmits the patients’ vital signs and other critical information directly to receiving hospital physicians through SATCOM or GSM, while at the same time providing tracking and location of the aircraft. These data services allow early patient assessment and initiation of the best possible care plan, well before the patient arrives at the facility.

The STAR-ISAMM™ System was first successfully presented live in Montreal at the end of 2018, to the private sector and to government bodies. It will be fitted into an integrated EMS kit by AMS and sold initially to the USA and Canada by AMS, leveraging on its expertise in helicopters and established presence and from 2020 in all world regions.

The STAR-ISAMM™ System is the result of the combined efforts of both the Company’s’ internal R&D department and those of its Montreal subsidiary, STAR-ISONEO INC. and is an innovative application of the Company’s patented STAR-ISMS® technology.

Andrea Girolin, CEO at AMS said: “Our vision is to support customers with EMS interiors meeting their operational requirements using new technologies and materials, being light weight, solid, safe and durable.”

J-L Larmor, VP Corporate Development at Star, said: “Star has now a unique and leading position in the HEMS sector, being able to not only provide Airborne Data Services to the aerospace industry but expanding our breadth to serve the EMS sector by providing medical data services. Both AMS and Star are excited about being world leaders in providing the best health care for EMS patients.”

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