FEC Heliports Announce Contract for Portapad

FEC Heliports Equipment has announced a contract with the US Customs and Border Protection for a network of Portapad to 15 remote locations.

The Portapad, portable helipad network solution,  provides low maintenance and cost-effective network opportunities for Customs and Border Control agencies, HEMS, Police, Aerial Fire Fighting and other services.

The industry-leading products combine to form a portable 24/7 helicopter landing system. FEC Heliports family of products are designed to integrate seamlessly.

FEC Portapad – Portable Aluminium Helipad
A strong, safe, reusable and portable helicopter landing platform for unprepared areas.

  • Portapad customization is also available for your specific location.
  • Portapad can easily be constructed and dismantled with little or no site preparation required.
  • Cost-effective with low relocation costs.
  • Significantly reduces brownout and increases protection from Foreign Object Debris (FOD).
  • Reliable Aluminium platform adds to helicopter landing safety.

Virtually maintenance-free – all parts are constructed of non-corrosive alloy or stainless steel.

HEMS-Star® Tried and Trusted Portable Helipad Lighting System
A rechargeable portable battery-powered LED lighting system designed for rapid deployment to provide safe and effective marking at designated or ad-hoc landing areas.

  • HEMS-Star® is fitted with Red, Blue, Green, White and Infrared LEDs.
  • Night Vision Goggle Compatible.
  • Rechargeable in the case provided via mains, vehicle, solar or wind power.
  • Pilot control enabled.
  • Programmable to flash warning, location beacon or Morse Code with automatic sunset switching.

Successfully tested for stability under the rotor wash of a Chinook helicopter


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