FEC Heliports Pad-Star Chosen for Campbeltown Hospital Helipad

FEC Heliports are proud to work with Stuart McLellan, Helicopter Emergency Landing Pads (Help) Appeal, Scottish Ambulance Service and McFadyen’s Contractors to design and deliver, ICAO compliant helipads lighting package, FEC Heliports Pad-Star for the proposed Campbeltown Hospital Helipad.

The new helipad is expected to be built on the Campbeltown Hospital site between January and March 2021.

Stuart McLellan said “I’m delighted to have been able to get this project this far for Campbeltown, it’s long overdue. I’ll be even happier when I’m standing on the embankment watching the first helicopter land on the purpose built helipad, which the community has needed for quite sometime. I’d like to thank everyone that’s been involved and persevering with me to make this project happen from HELP Appeal, Local MSP’s, Local Councillors, Community Council, South Kintyre Development Trust, Local Residents, NHS Highland, Argyll & Bute Council, Civil Aviation Authority & The Scottish Ambulance Service. I’d also like to thank McFadyens Contractors, FEC Heliports and McKinven & Colville Ltd for their continued support with their involvement in the construction plans for the Helipad.”

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